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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Today started out so beautifully - and it continues so, bli ayin hara.

Walk up extra early and decided to take advantage of that by leaving the house early - in time to buy egg salad on a bagel and, really, get to work a half hour early. So, I bought a cup of coffee and a pear, and even so, was at my desk before 10AM.

Was early enough that instead of getting on a train to go from the last stop of the bus to the station by my office, I walked. Ten whole minutes. :) But it felt nice.

I have no work pending and the office is currently quiet.

Anyone have a story request? Pairing, fandom(s) and three key words.


you know me, i always want mroe on canon vorkosigans :)

Got any keywords?




Warning: Sad


Re: Story

didnt' see the warning before i read it. gods, you amd eme cry... you aboslutly do the best vorkosigan stuff... wow...

Are the trees turning in Brooklyn? They're spectacular up here.

Some are. Some are bare, and some are still green.

If you want to see pics from the London premiere of GoF, check out dubaiyan's journal.

story idea?

If you're still up for this, how about Harry & Romilda? Keywords: Ginny, potion, plan.

Happy Birthday, very very late!


It is NOT late.

My Hebrew birthday isn't until Nov. 20 this year. :)


Hermione Granger, no pairing. Harry Potter

Books, trust, time.


Sad again.


Re: Story

But gorgeous as well.

How about HP fandom, Harry/Ron, words: juncture, jumper, judge.

We'll see. I leave work in an hour.

Don't feel obliged! :-) Just thought I'd throw it out there.

Assuming work doesn't pick up before you finish the previous requests....

Willoughby/Brandon, Sense & Sensibility, time, diagonal, flight

(And feel free to save this one for some other boring afternoon ;-). )

Hi, I recently friended you and I know you might not have time to do a fic, or know the pairing, but...


If you're up for a challenge.