Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Tuesday Night TV

Bones was actually good tonight. It wasn't the emotional case that did it - it was that Brennan and her team revealed part of themselves. It made them other than characatures - it made them people. And Booth was working with the team - he made the right connections and suggested the reflection.

They'll turn him into a "squint" yet.


I wrote most of this while the show was going on.

Wilson! Wilson on the whiteboard! Wilson lending House money (with House lying). And dinner! Twice. And he bought the cycle! And then - the money and the cane (both the clip and the discusson of where it would go) and that he'd be better than Wilson's wife.

And then to find out that last year, Wilson told him he looked good unshaven...(because if he hadn't, that line wouldn't have worked.) Oh, goodness. This is the slashiest episode that ever slashed.

I hate Cameron. Mind your own business.

And it's clear the theme is lying and trust.

Interesting that Cameron doesn't get to do actual medicine.

I think the writers of this ep don't like Cameron much.

Frats in Princeton! Right. They have eating clubs. (Okay, there are a couple, but they're unsanctioned.) Also, it's called "Reunions", because the alumni are the important thing. And where was his beer jacket? Okay, I'll need to talk to my inhouse Princeton expert when he comes back from his Talmud class.

Oh, no. He's going to die. House is going to lose this one - and this time, he didn't do anything *wrong*.

His father's ex-marine. And a jerk. But a motorcycle in a handicapped parking spot. Wow.

ETA: checked with in-house Princeton expert. 1. There is no graduation night. After graduation you go home, because you turned in your room key. 2. Frats have gotten bigger, but they're still not a major factor. 3. Blue bloods like "Taddy" would probably not join a frat. They'd join Daddy's (or Mommy's) eating club. 4. African-American students do not join eating clubs. This is an unfortunate fact. So, unless Taddy was also a wrestler...

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