Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Report from the dermatologist.

I go to him twice a year. He checks me for moles (I've had four removed) and to see if my rosecea is responding, but mostly for my contact dermatitis. It's not that I'm allergic to any one thing, but if I don't take Zyrtec at least every other day, I get hives from, well, everything. During hay fever season, I need to take it daily.

It's gotten much better. 8 years ago, I needed a combination of Zyrtec and two Allegras daily to keep the hives managable, plus a cortisone lotion for when they didn't work. And I needed two Zyrtec when visiting my inlaws in their summer house, which is up in the mountains, just to breathe.

I'm right in the bell curve, says he. Perfectly normal.

But. *giggle*. I have discovered a differnet sensitivity. Jojoba oil. I'm serious. I've been using plain jojoba oil in my hair, because it's very long and even the stuff my oily scalp produces doesn't make it all the way down. And it does nice things for my hair.

And my hands reacted so badly to it that they kept me awake from the itching. I finally used my husband's prescription lidocaine just to ease it. It helped a LOT. I figured it had to be the jojoba because of where it itched - the space between my fingers and the upper part of my palms. Just where the hair slips through when I apply the oil and when I pull it into a pony tail or bun. What really helped was washing the jojoba oil out of my hair. My scalp felt better, too.

I told him this, and he did a search. He found ONE other case. ONE. I'm one of two people in forty years documented to be allergic to jojoba oil.

He recommended olive oil instead.

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