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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Gacked from cesperanza

Five formative slash texts for me: No such animal?

Okay. These are them.

1. Starsky and Hutch. Must I say more?
2. Emergency!: Johnny/Roy, even though Roy was married.
3. Wiseguy: Mel/Vinnie, Frank/Vinnie, Sonny/Vinnie, Roger/Vinnie...
4. Battlestar Galactica: Apollo/Starbuck
5. Barney Miller : Harris and Deitreich had the most married vibe *ever*.


Oh, I loved Emergency! . . . I was totally in love with Johnny.

You know.

Tall. Dark. Sexy grin. Wild black hair.

Sounds like John Sheppard...

I loved Johnny, too, but since I have a bickering kink I mostly wrote him with Chet. But it was such a sweet fandom - at least the corner I was in - that the folks on the JohnnyLovesRoy list didn't just tolerate my J/C fic, they *encouraged* it!

I didn't slash them yet (S&H I slashed) but that's only because Roy was married. :)

SH Slash

1. Starsky and Hutch. Must I say more?

Nope, that just about sums it up right there;)

Re: SH Slash

There I was, fourteen years old. Writing long and complex stories that had them falling in love.

I think they were undercover in a gay neighborhood. I forget what Hutch did, but Starsky took pictures. And then they fell in love and had to quit being cops, but that was okay because Starsky got famous.

As I said. Fourteen. So, 1977. Maybe 1978.


Harris & Dietrich, eh? Makes sense to me. I used to love that show.

They lived together, you know.

Harris and Deitreich! Did you ever seen the one where Harris had to dress up as a woman as a decoy?

At the time I watched Battlestar Galactica I've have said "Huh?" to the idea of Apollo/Starbuck. But a while back I wrote it. Go figure.

Harris was beautiful. Entirely beautiful.

Harris and Deitreich! Did you ever seen the one where Harris had to dress up as a woman as a decoy?

I mentioned that moment once on a slash list I was on, and one of the other members (who occasionally would say things that made me think we were twins separated at birth) not only remembered the scene but the moment in it that resonated - Dietrich's response.

"Did you ever see the movie Laura? It's about a detective who becomes fascinated by a woman he knows he can never have." Sigh... that made an impression on me the first time I saw it, when I was about 16 or so and quite ignorant of slash. I just *knew* there was something there.

I adore your icon.

They're...yes. So perfect.

Exactly! I was thinking of his reply also. But for some reason I couldn't remember the name of the film, even though I saw it...