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Huh. Because he was, in effect, treating himself, the patient could have gone undiagnosed for years. Only when he stopped did he get any symptoms.

But this wasn't about Jeff. This was about cheating - and it wasn't even about cheating to win or lose. It was cheating on someone else. It was House butting into Stacy's husband's therapy session - and the admission that House needs it.

House doesn't believe he's handicapped. I know that sounds stupid - he's addicted to Vicodan, he needs his cane, he parks in the handicapped spots, he trades on it when he has to - the janitor, the therapy sessions. But in his head, he's not. Which is why he can use it. I don't know if that's good or bad, but it *is*.

Except that it means he's never actually dealt with it.

Wilson never once used a pronoun for the person he cheated with. Nor was there any implication he was finished...

And Cameron? She didn't cheat. Good. But to be so...sanctimonious about it. It's... it makes the rest of us who don't cheat look...I don't know.

In a weird sort of way, this episode says cheating is good - it keep you healthy, it makes other people happy, and maybe it helps for other reasons. Or it can be lived with, like Wilson lives with his cheating. Or maybe he's cheating on House with all his wives. I don't know.

I do know that House and Stacy need some closure.
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