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Birthday, Dinner with the Weasleys and Goblet of Fire

Happy birthday, psyfic!

Dinner with the Weasleys

A couple of weeks after we moved into our current apartment, a woman across the street - friend of a friend - invited us to Shabbos dinner. I turned her down - we'd moved just before Sukkot, and had spent every yomtov and Shabbos meal at someone else's house and we really wanted to have a few Shabboses at home. Because it does't feel like a home until you do that.

She'd asked me a time or since and I'd been vague. But a couple of weeks ago, I ran into her. I got smart, said yes (without consulting Jonathan, who'd have consulted me. But I'm in charge of such things anyway.) and we set a date. The date was this past Friday night.

Jonathan knew her husband anyway from a weekly class they share. And when I say across the street, I mean it. Jonathan came home from synagogue and put away his coat.

And we walked across the street and we were surrounded by Weasleys - almost everyone whose hair we could see was bright red (one son had dark hair, and the wife and married daughter covered theirs. But I saw premarriage photos of the married daughter, and, yep. Red.) And, if anything, they were a bigger family -almost as many sons and more daughters.

But they were Weasleys in more than hair color and family size. They were also so very...sheltered from the secular world, as much as the Weasleys are sheltered from the Muggle world. They knew Modern Orthodox and non-religious Jews existed, and understood my BTness, but they lived in their own yeshivashah circles. We sat at a table strictly divided along gender lines - in fact, son-in-law sat at Jonathan's left and married daughter at my right. And food was served along a strict hierarchy, starting with Tatty (the father). More than that - the women never spoke to Jonathan. Instead, they said things to me to pass along to him. "Debbie, ask Jonathan if he'd like..." or "What does Jonathan do?"

To those of you on my flist who are closer to that sort of world than I am, is this normal?

Men didn't speak to me, either, but I jabbered so much, I didn't notice. :)

As hosts, they were polite and generous, as people, they were kind and friendly and lovely to be with. We'll take them up on further invitations. But it did feel like, well. Dinner with the Weasleys.

It was a very good thing I'd purchased tickets earlier, because we got to the theater early and there was a ticketholders line. We got in in good time and secured decent seats - this is important because of Jonathan's vision. We must be on the right side of a theater so he can use his left eye.

Lots of kids.

Anyone else bothered by the Narnia graphics? The way it joins the r to the i, it looks like NarnYa. See?. But it looks like a good movie.

As for GoF - I very much liked it. I noticed many of the omissions, but either they didn't effect the plot or were covered by something else that made perfect sense and didn't extend the movie. The scenes that were meant to be scary *were* - I found the labyrinth to be extremely effective in a way that monsters and sphinxes would not be.

Moody was excellent, I liked Michael Gambon's Dumbledore and Cho was...well, very pretty. So was Cedric. And Barty Crouch, Jr.

And, to my surprise, there was something about Voldemort, too. I'm doomed.

It was a long book, and they had to pare it down, so they had to make choices, and, as I said, many, if not all, of the omissions made sense in the movie.

What concerns me more is the overall story arc. It wouldn't have cost much time to mention "brother wands" or to mention the 1000 galleons. Rita's animagery will enable Hermione to blackmail her in OotP, so unless they want to give up that subplot, which might mean giving up the Quibbler and Luna, they'll have to find another way. And Barty wasn't Kissed. On the one hand, yeah, one less horror after the labyrinth and Cedric's death (done very well. Poor Amos!), which was good, as I was starting to feel a bit numb. And it can be explained in a sentence in the next movie. I'm just not sure they care about the next movie. It really feels like they're treating each movie as a thing unto itself - building a little on previous books but mostly standing on its own.

And I'm rather bothered by calling the "brother wand" sequence "priori incantatem." It's NOT. PI is a specific spell that has a wand demonstrate the things it had done in the past. Yes, the effect is similar, but the cause is not. It's why I spent a fair bit of time on my first reading of OotP shouting "Not the wand! Not that special, unique wand!" And it's an additional tie, between Voldie and Harry.

Other than that - the merpeople were wonderful, the Beauxbaton girls were annoying (I think on purpose), the story *moved*, Madame Maxime was taller than Hagrid, there were no Skrewts and Draco bounced. And was pretty.

I'm wondering what this will do to the fanfiction.

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