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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

My current pair of shoes are pretty much worn out. The inners have holes and the foam rubber is escaping, and even the shoelaces are just plain worn.

I bought these a little under a year ago and have worn them pretty much every time I wore shoes. My feet are other than good - cute shoes and sandals are out - so there's not much point in me having more than one pair.

Even when I went to Zappos, all the shoes/boots that I wanted were not in stock in the sizes and/or the colors I wanted.

On a whim, I went to my old favorite, Easy Spirit. And I found exactly what I wanted - ankle-high lace up bootees in black leather, on major sale. So. I decided to look for boots, too. I wanted a pair of high boots with low heels. And I found them, at a good price in my size in brown leather.

Two pairs of shoes suitable for shul and work. Wow. This is luxury. (If the boots fit, I mean. My calves are on the wide side.)

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If the high easy spirit boots don't work out, the Aerosoles High Strides that I have work on my enormo-calves.

I checked them out. The Easy Spirits have the same size calves, and lower heels. One inch is about my limit. But they're very pretty.

i read somewhere once that it's better for the shoes themselves to be rotated (not just a question of worn out, i guess, but also a question of having feet in them) -- which, given your situation, suggests that the only point in having more than one pair of shoes might be to have two pairs of the same shoes, so you can alternate them. the idea seemed to be that this would make each pair last longer; so, if you get approximately a year out of one pair by itself, you'd get longer than two years out of two pairs worn on alternating days.

I'd get them mixed up.

Even when I could wear cute shoes, I got one or two pairs at a time and wore them out.

It's also better for your feet to have shoes rotated, so you don't have the same shoes rubbing the same spots on your feet all the time.

WooT! As a person with small, narrow feet with high arches, I love a tale of a good, successful shoe hunt!

This Icon's for you!

Small, narrow, high arched?

I'm small, wide and flat. In other words, *square*.

I am an “Earth Shoes” fan myself, and at $80 (for the Veggie ones), they're a luxury. But as I only buy one pair, and the other option is spending a fortune on foot pain, it's a reasonable tradeoff.

I thought about those. Since I don't actually care how dorky I look - I've been known to wear black tights and white sneakers - they are a possibility. But I am victorious. :)

There are actually some really cute Earth shoes nowadays, actually. The "Solar" are particularly cute and look good with skirts. Really, Earth shoes, though crunchy, have come a long way in terms of fashion since the 70s.

Yaaay for cute shoes that are comfortable and fit! I know that if my feet hurt then I'm cranky.

And it's amazing how many women are "hard to fit" with shoes in one way or another. So few are that "perfect" size 7B.

Yay! for a good shoes-buying experience.
I have wide, large (tiny for my height -6'3"- large for the rest of the population), high-arched feet. Buying shoes used to be a royal pain. And it got even more painful when I got RA, worst in my toes. Now, I live in Birkenstocks. I know how I fit in them, with no variation between styles. Because of the cost, that used to mean I had on or two pairs (sandals and a more winter-worthy style) which I wore until they were dead. I have discovered, though, that there are a lot of vendors at eBay selling discounts and overruns at seriously reduced prices. I now own something like 12 pairs, and even managed to get some high-end tatami-line ones, which would normally have been out of my price range completely, for a song. I haven't checked out any other manufacturer, but if you know your size for specific name brands, you might try searching under them, there. You might be pleasantly surprised by how much you can find at a reasonable price, with only a little bit of effort.