Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I reached the point of no return for my old cellphone - the point where a full charge lasts for one local phone call. Given that the phone was about three years old and we'd already replaced the battery once, I figured I'd call to find out what I could buy from my provider.

Buy? Hah! I was entitled to a free upgrade (probably overdue). I now have a tiny Samsung clamshell with a color screen (no camera, but I don't want a camera) that is not only easier to use and much cooler, it looks like a smaller version of a ST:TOS communicator.

I find that amazingly cool. Yes, I already knew it in the abstract, but here it is in my hand - a piece of Enterprise tech.

And it probably does more than the communicators were supposed to do, and with out a transtator.

So cool.
Tags: cell phone
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