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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Ten Things I Assume You Know About Me

Gacked from cereta, who is always brilliant.

Ten givens about me.

1. I'm a fan. Yeah, I know, but I don't just mean a media fan. I'm a science fiction fan. I attend, help out in and run conventions. I have a milliion interests, but I can trace many of them to a specific book or writer I like, and the rest to my friends in the fannish world. I am, however, also a media fan, which means I can and do analyse tv shows to death, and write fanfiction about them.

2. I'm an Orthodox Jew. This means I keep kosher, I disappear from before sunset on Friday until after nightfall on Saturday, and there are other factors. I also go nuts during December, but I try hard to keep it out of my journal. Sometimes I even succeed.

3. I'm a slasher. That means that most of the fanfiction I write and read concerns, at least in part, a romance between two male characters, in varying degrees of explicitness. I have managed to reconcile 2 and 3 to my current satisfaction. I do not post stories here - I link to a fiction journal, mamadebfic. All stories are labeled as to slash/het/gen content as well as source material and major characters and all stories *I* deem adult in nature are linked in filtered posts.

4. I'm married. He is jonbaker, and we've been married for 14.5 years at this posting. He occasionally comments here.
We are happily monogamous. At both his request and my own sense of modesty, I do not post personal details about our relationship anywhere on this journal.

5. I'm a receptionist at a real estate agency. Not very exciting, and I do get bored. This may produce stories.

6. I'm very much about the meta. Whatever my current fandom, I do have a tendency to write essays or just general comments about the source material, and I love reading that stuff.

7. I am multifandom. But I tend to write in one fandom at a time. That means I'm reading/watching several source materials (ex: House, SGA and DC Comics) but mostly writing Harry Potter. This can and probably will change. Also, I don't leave fandoms completely.

8. I love cooking. Everything I make is kosher, and I do nothing difficult, although jonbaker thinks I'm nuts for saying that. And so if I come up with something yummy, I will write about it. I'll also post menus for Shabbat and Yom Tov (Jewish holidays.)

9. I write birthday stories. I'm taking a break right now, but if I get back in the mood and I know your birthday, I might just ask you what you want. See 5. It won't be high art, though. I like random pairings - I just need to know all the source material.

10. I don't discuss politics. I'm politically liberal, with some exceptions, and I feel very strongly about Israel, but I don't like arguing politics for the simple reason that I'm very bad at it. I get too emotional, and that's just not a good thing.

Going Crazy in December

Is that because the Shabbosim begin so early or because of all the Xmas stuff?

Re: Going Crazy in December

Xmas stuff. It would help that I live in Flatbush, but LJ is full of people celebrating (and that would be fine - people should celebrate) but I do feel marginalized.

Early Shabbatot I have covered. No matter what time of year, I always start cooking no later than three hours before candle lighting. So I always have enough time to get things started. Even if the cleaning lady is here and I have to cook around her, it's worth it.

Re: Going Crazy in December

Different religion, same marginalization.
It's funny (in a sad way) that everyone assumes that celebrating Christmas is "normal" and those of us who don't are the freaks. I get tired of explaining why I don't do anything for "The Holidays." And even then, I still get "But you do celebrate Christmas, right?" Um, no. {For the sake of complete disclosure, I do have a few people in my life who I am obliged to get gifts for (and, for most of them, I enjoy giving them things, no matter what the occasion), but that is a far cry from observing the holiday.}

Re: Going Crazy in December

The word for all this is "privilege." The people who celebrate Christmas in one form or another are in the vast majorite (although less than they would think), and with that comes privilege.