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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

New episodes of SGA?

Did I miss new episodes of SGA?


Those sneaky Canucks get the eps before we do. I can yousendit last week's ep, "The Hive",to you privately, if you can get something so large -- it's 358Mb unzipped (.avi file).


No, that's okay. I'll tape it when it happens. Thank you!

It's happened before, you see. I don't watch Sci Fi channel, so I don't see the ads,and it's a conscious decision to set up things up to tape on Fridays, so if I don't get any warnings, I don't do it.

I missed half of Invisible Man that way.

It's also why I've never seen an episode of Farscape.

I wasn't sure you *could* tape things on the Sabbath, actually.

US airing date for "The Hive" is Jan 6.

Timers. Wonderful things. :)

I don't think new eps start in the states until January.

Hey! They're talking about adoption etiquette on NPR right now! If you're interested, and it's possible, turn it on!

Thanks! Unfortunately, I'm at work.

Don't say unfortunately! Baruch Hashem, you're at work!

Oh, and speaking of which, is it all right if I add your gratitude meme to my memories? I've put all mine in one memory category, but I'd like to include other people who did it.

Given that I'm doing nothing that I'm being paid for (because there's none of that to be done - even the phone is barely ringing)...

But you're right.

And, yes, you do have my permission to archive that post.

What's the link?

Never mind. I found and added it.

Yep! Us Canadians started getting them next week. You don't get them until January. For once, being Canadian gets you something!

Other than a government being actually accountable to the people immediately after things happen instead of sometime later when people forget?