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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

New episodes of SGA?

Did I miss new episodes of SGA?


Those sneaky Canucks get the eps before we do. I can yousendit last week's ep, "The Hive",to you privately, if you can get something so large -- it's 358Mb unzipped (.avi file).


No, that's okay. I'll tape it when it happens. Thank you!

It's happened before, you see. I don't watch Sci Fi channel, so I don't see the ads,and it's a conscious decision to set up things up to tape on Fridays, so if I don't get any warnings, I don't do it.

I missed half of Invisible Man that way.

It's also why I've never seen an episode of Farscape.

I wasn't sure you *could* tape things on the Sabbath, actually.

US airing date for "The Hive" is Jan 6.

Timers. Wonderful things. :)

I don't think new eps start in the states until January.