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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Comment here and I'll tell you why I like/love you.

If you want, do the same on your own journal.

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*raises hand shyly*

You're funny, you're smart, you don't follow the common herd for your fandoms or your pairings. And you throw good wedding.



Oh, my Slytherin friend! I adore your essays and you're just always fun to read.

hi there!

Hey, sweetie. What don't I love? You've helped me out of depressions and let me write porn for you, and you're just...there, and I know it.

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

:) We've spent *years* chatting, haven't we? You have unshaking loyalty to the things you love - characters, sports teams, kinks. Dark eyes, bald heads and TWINs. You're the reason I make sure I have smooches in my stories, and let you know when things are safe.

*shyly comments*

It's so new, isn't it? My fellow adult on hogwarts_elite, writer of reviews and someone with a different perspective on our shared heritage.

*smiles and looks hopeful*

You've been so supportive and so much fun to read. I envy your enthusiasm. And you love NEVILLE! How could I not love someone who loves Neville?

Oh, I could use the boost right now.

Oh, my goodness. Not only do you write interesting and thought-provoking essays on all aspects of fandom, but you began both the Symposium (which led to me getting a column I posted there published - and you gracioiusly gave me permission to do that)and the FCA, which allows others to also let their thoughts be known.

And even your daily postings are fun to read. I'm so glad you're on my flist.

*raises hand*

I like this meme - I'll be doing it myself.

You're warm and welcoming. You write long and funny/interesting posts, and even if we didn't share a fandom or two, I'd still be reading you.


I've known you since you were 18. You're bright and talented, and I'm glad you found the right profession for your abilities, one in which you can use them to make a difference in the world.

I've glad you've been part of my fannish life, and I loved meeting you at Senticon all those years ago.

Commenting here :).

It's been wonderful learning about you as you begin married life, and as you balance things between being who you are and who your world expects you to be - and never losing yourself in the process.

ok! :)

:) You? You're fun. You're the one I can talk to about knitting (even if I don't do it) and cooking and make-up and then go on to children's literature and your current play and then onto comics. You're fun.

*waves self-consciously*

Oh, my goodness. Where do I begin? I started as your sister's friend, but I think I know you better now. You're someone I can always talk to - we have a lot in common, and what we don't have in common is still cool. At least, I hope so. Sometimes, the best part of going to Boston cons is having dinner with you and Michael afterwards (unless illness or, you know, blizzards get in the way.)

You also have one of the best mothers in fandom.

Nervously putting aside any fears of getting an answer of Who the heck are you?!?!?!, I hearby comment.

Not know who you are? Hah, my fellow accountant's daughter. I look forward to whatever you have to say, because I know it will be interesting and relevent. I absolutely know who you are.

oooers...I could use a warm fuzzy this morning...

I've known you since fuh-q (the mailing list that many dare speak its name, but not me.) You're quirky and interesting, and you add a measure of peace to the day. I like what you have to say, and I'm glad I get to read it.

You're another person whom I love to see commenting in my journal because I know you'll have something to say.

I could use a pick-me-up. Sure, why not?

I just like talking with you, here and on AIM, and in real life. You put up with the crowd of fen surrounding you and your husband, even if you're only one of us by marriage. You let me snark with you. You're just cool.

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