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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
House spoilers

Did anyone notice the name of the doctor whose new convertible got keyed? Erison, right?

The little girl Kayla's daughters were afraid of? Sally Erison...



I love the way they're openly acknowledging the House/Wilson subtext and having lots of fun with it ... and still giving us more H/W to play with.

Smart people. Never pays to alienate ones fanbase. :)

I remember a little from that teaser about the girls and a threat of keying a car, but I can't remember the details...fill me in please?

Little girls are worried that "Sally" will make fun of her because her mother bought her dress at Bloomies, while their mother made theirs. Mom says, "Sally Erison? If she says anything, I'll key her father's brand new convertable." And then she asks if they know what that means, and is happy when they don't.

Later, we see the transplant doctor's (very young) wife keying his convertable. His name? Erison.

Wow -- I caught the synchronicity of car-keying, but totally missed that it was the same guy -- very cool!!