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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Yeah, I went last night, because I haven't gone for a couple of weeks and I miss it already.

I stopped for a bite to eat before class, figuring I can get a bus to within five short blocks of the school. Which is true. Except I got on the wrong one. It turned out I was on a limited (express) bus instead. So instead of stopping at Ave J and Bedford, it stopped at Bedford and Campus Drive. This was five short blocks and two long blocks away. And my feet don't like my winter boots much.

So I walked to Nostrand and waited for another bus to take me the two long blocks. I got there with time to spare, so that was okay.

I spoke with Master Ilona, and we basically decided that I'd determine what I could and couldn't do. So I walked instead of ran (class begins with a twelve minute run interupted with pushups and situps. I've never run the entire time. I didn't run at all this time) and when it came time for the 24 movements, I modified the split on heels. This is a side-to-side split that leaves you balancing on your heels and spread hands. I figured that would be VERY bad for my ankle, so I split on my knees instead. I got some stretch that way.

Devorah, a yellow belt who led the 24 movements, forgot a few, and we're not supposed to remind her. It was hard not to.

I also realized that my left foot kicks would be a problem - proper form for kicking requires one turn the opposite ankle. So I either modified them or didn't do them at all.

Nothing else we did affected my ankle, so that was good. I'm just glad to be there. I see the podiatrist in less than an hour now, and I promised Master Ilona I'd call her to tell her what had happened.

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