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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Report from the Podiatrist

1. I did not break my ankle. (I knew this.)
2. I therefore do not need to be irradiated (her words.) So, no X-rays.
3. It will take a couple of months(!) before it's healed.
4. Pakua is fine so long as I take precautions like not running or straining it.
5. Ace bandages are good ideas.
6. I have athelete's foot.


Glad it's not broken!

Ouch! I know about ankles and sprains first hand. I'm still having trouble with my left one daily.

I'm glad to hear it isn't broken. Healing will take forever it seems. I damaged mine in Early August and I'm still swollen and have to take ibuprofen almost daily.

I find if you can stand the coldness, ice it at least twice a week, specially after you're Pakua classes.

Be careful this winter it's going to be a doozy like last year.

It never was swollen, which is a plus. I took a fair bit of ibuprofen the first week or so, but at this point, it only really hurts after going down stairs.

Ice and snow have never been my friends. I have a good pair of Italian zip up ankle boots. Good traction, nice and warm and waterproof.

Glad it's not _too_ bad, anyway!

I'm glad it's not broken, and I hope it heals quickly. Two months seems like a long time. Take care!

I'm glad it isn't broken, but tendon damage can take forever to heal and it usually leaves the ankle weaker than before.
I am queen of the sprained ankle, being 6'3" in a world deisigned for people nearly a foot shorter than me. That whole center of balance thing gets me every time. You have my sympathies. Ice it if it swells, but actually mild warmth is good for the tendons (think bathwater, not hot tub), if it isn't swelling and doesn't feel inflamed.
Feel better!

Owie, kiddo!

Athlete's foot is common in the winter- the socks and all that. A good cream will kill it in about a week. And make sure you soak your feet after padua classes!

Why? Pakua is done barefoot anyway.

Refuah shelamah!!!
glad it isn't broken, but several months to heal? Youch.