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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It never fails.

Person comes to office, in despair. "There isn't a notary, is there?"

"I AM a Notary!" I cry, whipping out my stamp. (or, rather, I inform them while rummaging through my purse.)

"Oh, thank you, Notary Woman! For I have been searching for one all day!"

The papers are produced, as well as the picture ID and things are signed and stamped and dated and so on.

I then mention the fee of $2, but they only have 20s. Same here. "Fear not. There shall be no charge."

They leave. Five minutes later, they return, fee in hand.


Finding a notary really does produce an inordinate sense of relief.

I'd come back with the two bucks too. *g*

tee hee. That's awesome.


Like a superhero, with the swooping and the rescuing!

Wow I didn't know you were a lawyer. Or don't you need to be a lawyer to be a notary in the US?

No, you don't. Not a very profound or interesting response, I'm afraid. Just the facts, ma'am.

random comment - I adore that icon!

Thank you!

Hurray :)

That's so nice!

They leave. Five minutes later, they return, fee in hand.

For all the acts of badness in the world, there are acts like this which make you think most people are basically decent ...