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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Happy Birthday, indigocat!


What is this "snow" of which everyone speaks?


Snow, what snow? Oh, you mean the 5-6 inches of white stuff outside my front door? And on top of my car? And in our as yet unplowed street?

Yet when I spoke to my father this morning on Long Island, they had nothing. I assume that you are in the same boat?

Needless to say, no work for me (office is open, day care is not) which means I still have time to cook for Shabbos :)

Have a good Shabbos.

Yeah, the stuff that has decided to be *rain* in Brooklyn.

Everyone else gets snow. Everyone in the ENTIRE COUNTRY gets snow. We get slush.


We had snow. By the time I took my son to school, it was an inch thick layer of ice on the roads, and the sidewalks not yet shoveled, for the most part.

I'll trade ours for yours, any day.


And I don't work on Fridays anyway.

I heard they're supposed to get sleet in Baltimore. I'd take rain over sleet.

We got a few inches of snow.

Baltimore got snow. And then a little rain. It's supposed to sleet a little later.

Not everywhere in Brooklyn. Over here in Williamsburg we got snow. Not much, only a couple of inches, but we got snow.

Funny how different weather can be just a few miles apart. Hey, even a few feet. Once, when my mother and I were driving back from the mainland to the island (Long Beach Island, NJ) it was rainings from the bridge north, nothing from the bridge south.

Park Slope got snow too. Not much, though.

Had a happy one. Thank you.