Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I give up. I ordered those shoes almost a month ago. When they couldn't deliver to my house, they took them to a warehouse, and I called UPS and told them to change the address to where I work, and they said "Fine" and they'll be there Thursday. Last Thursday. I don't work Thursdays, but that's all right because I knew someone would be there.

And someone was there - I had to walk her through opening a file, so I know she was there. But the shoes never showed up. And today I got an email notice that they went back to Easy Spirit. And I called them, and went through the voice mail. And I got someone and I told her this, and she said, and I quote, "I'll transfer you to Customer Relations." Which was the number I'd thbought I'd called. And I was on hold and on hold and on hold. And,of course, then the phone rang and, well. I have to answer it, it being my job and all.

I called again, and the lady who answered (and I admit, I was crying by then - stupid, no?) explained that she was the order desk, because when customer service is busy, the calls go there. Which is stupid, but not her fault. And she advised me to just leave my name and number when she sent me back over. And to send an email as backup.

I *need* these shoes. My shoe laces are worn out, the sole of the shoes are leaking foam and there is no traction. I expected them after Thanksgiving. And now I'm terrified they'll send them to someone else and be out of stock and I can't help it.

And it's hard answering the phone when you're on the verge of tears.

And, yeah, the time of year isn't helping - both in terms of the customer service to get my shoes and my own mood in general. I'm just overwhelmed and feeling marginalized.

Negative feedback loops. Lovely things.

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