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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Better now

Still haven't heard from Easy Spirit, other than a form email saying they got my message.

But. I've eaten real food, and I have coffee. And it's amazing how that can make life better. :)


Indeed. Hope they give you some actual customer service soon!

Turns out the main problem was UPS. I called them just to complain. You know, on general principles.

The person I spoke to was polite and efficient, and took the time to look up what had happened.

And it was their fault. They'd transposed digits on the address I'd given them to redeliver it.

I'm waiting for a call-back from UPS/

I do hope you get your shoes soon. It's really bad when such things happens. And too bad they can't use owls instead of UPS ...

I'm sorry UPS botched this, and I hope you get your shoes soon.