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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Anyone on this list try Firefox 1.5 for Windows yet?

ETA: Thanks. I think I'll wait awhile. The version I'm using works just fine for me.


I installed it yesterday after running it on my Macs for a bit. I'm not entirely happy with it on Windows, primarily because I can't get it to accept extensions - it keeps telling me I have disabled automatic software installation and kicks me to the options dialog box, which is set to allow mozilla.com to have its wicked way with my machine.

May drop back a version on Windows if I can't figure that out. I love it on Mac, though.

I have it. There are a few things different, but I can figure out if it's the browser or an update of an extension. So far, though, no problems.

I'm using it, now that I have a different firewall (Norton Internet Security screws it up). Spoke to tarkrai and he made some recommendations for other firewall software.

I like it.

I haven't tried it yet - am sticking with the previous version because I've heard some reports of some bugs that still need to be worked out - something having to do with the history.dat file I believe.

I don't have it yet, because I see too many people complaining. I'll wait till they work out the bugs!

I've heard about just enough problems that I'm waiting for 1.5.1.

Dude, it froze my computer up so often, that I finally uninstalled it and went back to my trusty old version. :D

I'm still getting used to 1.0.7 (installed it this month) and keep reading about snafus on the FFX users LJ community...so I'm staying put for a while ;)

It works fine for me on my work computer, but I don't use any extensions other than the PDF reader.