Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I now have candles, oil (light olive oil, not the cloudy stuff in the squeeze bottles. Better oil=better flames) and wicks. Also a box of gelt for my office.

My holiday prep? Well, I need to give the candle chanukiah a hot water soak, and we have to discuss if we should clean out the oil cups for the disposable oil chanukiah or buy a new one. Which costs about $10, so I'm all for that.

Otherwise. Done.

ETA: I lied. There's the family Chanukah party, which means we need to buy gifts for three little boys and one little girl, plus immediate family gifts. I've already gotten a set of blue Le Crueset silicon spatulas for my mother-in-law, and Jonathan has found appropriate gifts for the others, but we need to find something for the fifteen-month-old, and I'm stumped, as usual, for Jonathan's gift.
Tags: chanukah
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