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Yesterday, I got a used copy of Legion of Superheroes Archives Vol. 10. It's a fifty dollar hardcover, but I got it used for about $20. These are stories from the early seventies.

Whole bunch of comments. 1. Instant nostalgia, since I read some of the stories when they were first issued - including the first Legion story I *ever* read. Amazingly cool.

2. Coloring processes have, of course, improved immensely since then, so at first the bright and gaudy purples and greens really stand out. But then you notice that good inking really creates all the shades and modeling I'm used to know, and after awhile, I just stop noticing.

3. The girls were all in "sexy" costumes. And all of the costumes cover a lot more than many superheroine costumes today *and* their breasts were actually in proportion to their body. Okay, I still could have lived without that weird thing Saturn Girl wore, and I really like the post-Reboot jumpsuits, but still.

4. The constant using of "hero" names got annoying, but that was normal for that time. They *did* use civilian names a lot, and I remember liking that when I first read the stories. That, the fact that they fell in love (and had sex - there's a panel that shows one female Legionnaire sitting up in bed, with a lump next to her, and we know she wasn't married because the rules at the time said marriage = resignation, and she had a steady boyfriend and the hair showing was his hair color.) and really risked death, because Legionionaires *died* made it all feel realer for me.

These days, you don't see many "code names" in Legion or other comics. Heroes tend to be on a first name basis, at least with each other, and half don't keep their civilians selves a secret anyway. I like that. Even if, when I eventually write my Nightwing confronts Green Lantern story, Kyle is going to call him "Grayson."

I wish I could afford other Archives. We'll see.

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