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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So. The subways are on strike.. I don't know how I'm going to work - Jonathan is telecommuting, but that doesn't work for a receptionist, even if we had another computer.

He's also not feeling well.

It's nasty and cold out there.

Current Mood: unhappy

Yep. It stinks. Especially since neither party is acting in good faith.

I'd bike in, but I need to work up to a ten mile trip.....and it's too darned cold to try to bike in and have to keep stopping.

I suppose cabs will be doing awfully well for now. My mother in law used to be a NYC cabdriver and she wrote a biopic on the same note. I should send you a copy, it's a hoot!

A lot of people can't afford cabs. And there aren't enough of them.

Cabs are terribly expensive. I am surprised there aren't enough of them. I always see many in Brooklyn.

There are millions of commuters and only 200,000 cabs.

True. So True.

Stay warm!

My husband is insisting that I call in.

I agree with him.

This is one more reason I'm glad I left the city, although M. was on the phone all morning trying to figure out how he can get from grad school in Manhattan to his office in Brooklyn.

I think I agree with him. It's not the end of the world if the answering machine is on today, or the other people there answer the phone.



Transit strike solidarity!

My face is bright red after that walk to work. It's freakin' cold today!

Good luck, however you solve it. As otherdeb said, neither side is bargaining honestly, and the main victims are the rest of us.

While in theory car services were going to take up the slack, many of their drivers were expressing serious sympathy with the TWU, and suggesting that they weren't going to hustle ridiculously just to cove the MTA's anatomy.

And it's cold.