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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Why are people wishing "Happy Ramadan"? It was back in October!


becasue peopel are morons, do nto understand that Ramadan is not muslim christmas...


That makes sense. It goes along with thinking that Chanukah is Jewish Christmas and Kwanzaa is black Christmas.

I do understand about being inclusive and culturally sensitive. However, isn't part of that noticing when a holiday is celebrated/observed?

Because people are ignorant.

Because last year they coincided, I think, and people just can't wrap their minds over a lunar calendar that doesn't have a "correction" in the way that the Hebrew calendar does.

Actually, they coincided about three-four years ago. It moves backwards by two weeks each year in relation to the Gregorian calendar.

People are wishing "happy Ramadan"?! Oy. *g*

Yep. I've seen it. By someone who should know better, too.

It's a double "oy", isn't it?

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The problem is, they either mean well or think they're being cute. Or both.

Does one wish "Happy Ramadan" anyway? I mean, I thought it was pretty solemn, and the happy part was at the end? Then again, I honestly don't know for sure.

One wishes them "a blessed month", IIRC. And yeah, the party is at the end.

Or eVite's "reasons to party" email that listed... Yom Kippur. As a reason. To party.

Some years back, Krusty the Clown, hosting a holdiay special, wishes his viewers "a merry Christmas,a happy Hanukkah, a Kwazy Kwanzaa, a tip-top Tet and a an appropriately somber Ramadan." While it's likely that this was a year when Ramadan overlapped with the Decembere holidays, this was simly meant as a joke abut multiculturalism.

Alas, it could ahve made some think that Ramadan is indeed part of the season. The writers on The Simpsons are smarter than their viewers.

So how could they have missed Tet? The Vietnamese Lunar New Year?

(Yes, I had to google for it. It's already happened, of course. In August.)

So, I can't decide if I should be happy that this person at least realized that Ramadan was a very big deal of a holiday, celebrated/observed by millions. Or should be appalled, as it's a month long.

And took place months ago.

Can I get a happy Diwali?

I think sdelmonte and ginamariewade have it right.

They're trying to be inclusive, and a few years ago, Ramadan and December more or less coincided and was mentioned a lot.

I do believe it was meant with the best of intentions.

I haven't heard much of that, thank goodness, but the two or three times I have heard it I've found it extremely jarring. "WTF?! Did I screw up my calendar? I thought Eid was like a month or so ago! Oh wait, they're confused. *whew*"

Then again, I wonder how many of them think Chanukah always overlaps Christmas instead of just being near Christmas. In past years I've overheard folks "trying to be culturally sensitive" wishing others a happy Chanukah when Chanukah had ended more than a week earlier.

I guess some folks will be really confused when Ramadan slides around to July.


It's not like Christian holidays don't move, either.

Easter certainly does, and there are a raft of holy days that revolve around the timing of Easter.

(And, really, Jewish and Muslim holidays only move in respect to the Gregorian year. So far as I'm concerned, the Jewish holidays are on the same dates. Chanukah is always 25 Kislev. :))

Because they're running on Jewish Time!