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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thank you! Thank you!

My yuletide story is up. It's beautiful.

It's based on France Hodgson Burnett's A Little Princess, and it's called Dear Friends and Ruin. The pairing is Ralph Crewe/Tom Carrisford (the Indian Gentleman) and it's just lovely.

Go. Read.


Before you start reading it, I have to warn you - it's slash. It's a romance between Sara's father and the Indian Gentleman.

As for being too late - you're early for next year.

The way this challenge works is that way back in the autumn, we were all asked to submit rare pairings and/or fandoms. After they compiled the list, we were then asked to choose which fandoms we were willing to write, both in general (as in, I'd write anything from the Vorkosiganverse) and in particular (Ex - Clark and Lois in Lois and Clark - not one of my choices, but an example, never the less.) The more, the better. We were also asked to pick four fandoms/pairings we'd like to see. This was one of mine. Then they spend who knows how long matching people up, in hopes that the the writers all get *something* from the four that they could write.

If you want to participate next year, you have to pick a story that has not been written - obviously, 3/4 of the requests, more or less, go unanswered and write that before the deadline of next October (or whenever they say.) I was unwilling to do it in previous years because of the name, but it's the sort of thing I enjoy, so I figured I would this year. And I did enjoy it, even if, as it happened, I had a difficult time with the story I wrote. I hope she likes it - she hasn't left a comment.