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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Well, today started out brilliantly. It was just fine until I was nearly at the bus stop. Then I tripped and fell *splat* on my face.

The good news - nothing was broken - not my glasses, not my pda, not my nose.

The bad news - I have a nasty scrape on my nose, I bit my lip, my hands are scraped and bruised and my glasses need adjustment. And I got blood on my purse. All things considered, I got off extremely lightly, for which I am grateful.

I went home and cleaned up, and put a bandaid on my nose and got to work only a few minutes late (and that's with buying bandaids and antibiotic cream for the office, which something we need to have anyway.) I look not great, and I do have a bar mitzvah on Shabbos, but I will be fine. My hands hurt, though.

I think part of the problem was that I was wearing a backpack, something I don't do often, so my center of gravity was off.


Ouch! I'm glad you're OK. Backpacks can throw off your gravity and cause you to take a tumble. I once went shopping for textbooks and had stuffed my backpack full of big heavy ones for all my classes. The too-full backpack caused me to trip and fall right in the middle of a busy street - luckily I was able to pick myself up before I got hit by a car or something! And it was embarrassing, too. *red face*

You know what was in the backpack? My martial arts uniform. You'd think I'd have fallen correctly, you know?

You'd think I'd have fallen correctly, you know?
I was wondering how you scraped your hands!

But you *did* fall correctly when it counted - better to get a few scrapes on the street than crack your head on a bathtub! (If I ever teach MA again, I'm going to use that story you told at ConneXions - awesome object lesson.)

And I'm glad you're okay!

Still, this is my second poor fall in two months.

I need to be more alert or something.

Oh, poor thing! I'm just glad you didn't break enything. *HUGS*

I am *so* grateful. Thank you!

Oh, sweetie!

*kisses booboos*

I've done crap like that so often! I'm glad you weren't badly hurt!



Ohh, thank you! Hugs!

So I have I - I'm still wearing the ace bandage from my last fall.

Ow ow ow ow ow! Many sympathies.

Thank you!

I just know it could have been so much worse than a bandaid on my nose and slightly sore hands. I'm grateful.

Owies! *healing hugs*

:) Thank you!

All will be well.

Glad you're not broken, just dinged (self-healing dinged at that :-).


I wish you a quick refu'ah shleima!

Oh poor you! And I know just what you mean about backpacks; I wear one all the time, but if I happen to have it on the wrong shoulder, I bash into walls.

{{hugs you}}

Ouch!!!! Glad nothing was broken...refuah shelama!!!

Ouch! Keep with the antibiotic cream and hopefully you'll have healed a bit by Shabbos.

Oh, honey! I winced for you reading this. I am glad nothing is broken. Take some aspirin, though, before you go to sleep tonight. I have no doubt that you will be sore in the morning, otherwise.
Being as tall as I am, I live in a world where my center of balance isn't where the engineers of just about everything assume it will be. Also, my family has small feet and weak ankles. We fall a lot. I know the pain, well.
Hope you feel/look better soon.

Baruch Hashem, they were minor wounds, and refuah sheleima!


Owie. :( I hope your hands feel better now and that you didn't look as bad as you thought you might for your outing.