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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Weird and unpleasant

I just got messaged by what I presume is a man (userid is a male name) who wanted someone - *anyone* - to write him a story. Specifically, a Buffy/Professor Walsh NC-17 story.

Okay, I don't write femmeslash, but even if I did, I wouldn't have. This guy was creepy. He wasn't a fan of mine. In fact, he's been asking people at random to write this thing. (I asked him this.) I turned him down, saying I don't write femmeslash, and telling him it would be a bad story (which it would be in my hands.)

He begged.

I suggested he go to lj and find a buffy f/f community.

He begged.

He wanted *me* (someone he'd never heard of, much less read, to write the story.)

I refused.

I told him I wasn't the someone to write this.

And he insulted me.

I'm pretty sure he wanted that story for one reason, and that reason really creeped me out. Yes, I write explicit stories, and joke that they are porn, but I never write just for that purpose.


How freaking bizarre!

I think this is probably the same guy I've heard about in the past. He'll do just what he did to you. He'll pick a slash writer at random and beg them to write something in particular. And then get abusive when the person tells him to fuck off. I'd just ignore him and ban him from your IM list.


Creeeeeeeeeeepy. I command my horse stomp icon to stomp him.

Was it Jeremy Crawford? Because the list of people harassed by him is very long indeed.

That's him.

Apparently, he wasn't being random.

I think that's a bit less creepy, but. Ick.

I have links to three separate conversations here, and I know there have been many more, though I don't know exactly what was said. He was banned from one of the X-men mailing lists and subscribers were told not to talk to him.

Having read the comments on yours, I think your commenters are right this guy has a kink about getting women to write porn for him. He seems to have the same idea as men who think any woman who isn't a virgin must be a whore... in other words, if you've ever written smut, you must be willing to "go all the way" for anyone, at his request and by his standards. I don't believe such men are generally welcome in polite society.

Eww. Sympathies.


cara_chapel persuaded me into unlocking my post.

Oh, duh, of course. Lol. M'sorry.
I want to keep it locked. But this is the content:

Some such Idjet chatted me up on Yahoo!Messenger:

My bullshit-o-meter did switch on that quickly because I remembered some of you guys have been bothered by such an idiot before. Was it him?

He's been around. *sigh*

He used the same lines and ending for me. I do admit, the insult was a relief - it meant we were done.

And I said about the same things, too.

Oh, wow, okay. He just upgraded himself to not only an idiot but also an unimaginative idiot. *shakes head*

if anyone with that screen name ever ims me i'm going to tell him to go fuck himself so fast he won't know what hit him, yo.



That was pretty creepy. Who does he think he is, just creeping around commanding people to write for him? Awful ...


Ewww. Yikes.

I'm sorry you had to deal with a creep like that.

an unimaginative creepy troll - possibly the very worst kind. my sympathies. it is good, in an odd way, to know that he's a serial pest and hadn't fixated on you in particular. that would've been creepy x 10!

he IMed me too! I just said "I don't write on demand" and he went away...

THAT guy! He ambushed me a couple of times, begging for Birds of Prey (the tv show) slash. Of all things.

He's consistent, at least....

Um, ew.

I've been hearing about this guy all over the place. You'd think he'd learn. But No.....

Sorry all of you have had to deal with this jerk.

He's hit me a couple of times now...and shatterpath's gotten hit up by him too....