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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

One of the agents was confused just now. She has customers from Brazil, and they just told her it was 100F there this time of year. She didn't understand until I told her that "Brazil is below the equator. It's summer there now." This was confirmed by the customers.

"Really? I can't believe it! When is it winter?"

"When it's our summer."

"Really? I can't believe it!"

And, yes, she was utterly serious. Scary, no?

In other news, I am bored. You know what that means.

Three words. Fandom. Pairing. First post gets story (if I know the fandoms.)


Narnia, Edmund/Caspian.

Okay. Bear in mind - it's been decades since I last read Prince Caspian or Dawntreader.

Oh. Keywords?

blue, gold, banner


Two Kings


How can anyone *not* know that seasons depend on the hemisphere?!? That's like not knowing the earth is round or something. O.O

This same person felt sorry for penquins and thought it was terrible they lived in Antarctica.

But they do. They don't have to worry about polar bears, though.

Head thump on desk. Oy vey!

There are also people who don't know the seasons are caused by axial tilt, so, nothing surprises me any more.

Isn't there a song about how axial tilt is The Reason For The Season?

My father had a similar encounter in a New York taxi once. He'd just got off a flight from Australia, and started one of those standard weather conversations you have with taxi drivers:

"It's cold today. Nice change from where I come from."
"Where do you come from, then?"
"Australia. It's the middle of summer there.
"And... what month would it be in Australia, then?"

I forgot that Dad was on summer break until he remined me, but I wasn't boggled by it. Interesting...

Ah, the American educational system teaches science so well, don't you think?

She's German.

Wow. She was not paying attention in school, now was she?

"Brazil is below the equator. It's summer there now."
Actually, the equator passes through Brazil, so some of it is above the equator (it goes from 5°N to 33°S). But since most of Brazil is tropical, it doesn't matter whether it's above or below, the concepts of "summer" and "winter" don't apply. The four seasons we know only exist outside the tropics.