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Today, one of our rental clients kept calling and calling. It seems she was unhappy about a clause her prospective landlord changed in her lease. So she called. The agent working with her is going to Israel for the Jewish holidays, and was not in today. She would not believe it. My boss did not want to speak to her, so I fielded the calls, telling her the truth - "She's in conference. She's on the phone. She's out of the office." My boss is a busy lady. She decided I was lying *and* that the agent was hiding. Why they would hide is beyond me - the landlord made some standard changes in the lease. But the client is a lawyer. Not that I have anything against lawyers. One of my best brothers is a lawyer.

Finally she called in the big guns. Her father, who introduced himself on the phone as "Pastor E." And he was flying up from North Carolina on Friday, which would have been useless, as I suspect the office will be closed at noon that day. It usually is just before a Jewish holiday.

But he was coming up on Thursday, then. And they would get together and settle things in a "Christian manner." Yep. All of them. Him, his daughter. My boss, who is a synagogue treasurer. The agent, who is Israeli, and might well be en route home. And the landlord. Who is surnamed "Islam."

As I said. Deeply amused.

I also think that they will, in fact, settle things in a civilized fashion, and *that* will be due to my boss, who doesn't let anything faze her.

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