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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I feel so very accomplished for doing such a small thing. I knitted a mitten. A mitten. Singular.

But it's the first time I've ever finished a project (or, well, half a project). And it was exactly the right first project - small enough that it can be done quickly even by the most inexperienced learner, using only the most basic stitches but with useful techniques (markers, holding stitches, sewing) and of a nature that even imperfections don't matter, since they will probably still fit and will certenly be warm, and no one cares if mittens have a wrong stitch here and there.

BTW, I whipped the seam instead of backstitching. Was that right?


Yay for finishing the mitten!

I don't backstitch my seams (makes 'em too thick), but I can't really describe in words how I do it. Whipping works well, though. My basic rule is "as long as it stays together and doesn't get in the wearer's way, anything's good."

It was amazingly cool, I must say.

I thought the back stitch would be too thick.

where was the seam?... did you knit it in two pieces or in the round?...

i am awful about seaming... i hate to graft, i'll usually try to knit in the round, or knit the pieces together to get around it ;-)

Eve & Co.

Neither. The pattern calls for the mitten to be knitted *flat* and then seamed. Even the thumb, which is a separate gusset, is knitted flat and seamed.

The hand seam is along the side opposite the thumb, starting from the top of the mitten.

ah okay, i see...

yay knitting!

finishing a project is such a cool feeling.

now you can try *socks* ;-)

Let me finish the other mitten first.

And maybe do a pair for husband person. Or a hat.

Congratulations on finishing it, and welcome to the dark side ;-).

If the seam looks good and holds up under use, then it's right.

Thank you. ;)

That's kinda what I figure.

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How do you mattress-stitch?

And it's just along the side of a hand - not really a high stress area. The cuff is, but it doesn't need flexibility.

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Ohhh! That makes sense.

Thank you!

Congratulations! Have some great knitted and crocheted sock patterns when you are ready for 'em.

Cool. That'll be after I learn how to spin, which is my uleterior motive.

I'm a pathetic knitter and seamstress. My mother's so good, she could be professional. She likes to "tutor" people in knitting; she did it for Sarah Cole. So if you ever want to go to Queens for help, let me know. I think it would be good for my mother. She's my father's full-time caretaker, and she could use some diversion.

And speaking of mitzvahs through knitting, do you know sen_ichi_rei a/k/a Rachel Adler? She's the young woman on Beyond BT who posted about her nose ring. Well, she could use some hugs right now, and possibly a Shabbos invite out to a shul where women can sing. I figured you could help. One other thing you have in common: you've both learned in Drisha.

If you decide to contact her, please delete this post. You can tell her I sent you for knitting advice.

First of all, I love your icon. It's simply lovely.

My mom is just like your mom - she knits and crochets so well that she has sold them. And my best friend in college, who was married, had three of her babies come home with her dressed in my mom's creations.

I don't know sen_ichi_rei, but my husband is all for the idea.

Would she have any objection to sleeping on the futon in the living room, do you think?

I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem. Do you want to approach her or should I?

Looks like I'm sending sen_ichi_rei in your direction on my own.

Re Moms and knitting, my mother belongs to a sewing volunteer corps called The Elder Craftsman. They send her patterns and fabric and she makes things for nursing homes and needy kids. If your mother's interested, I can get the info.

Sorry for the delay. I went shabbos shopping, and then I had to work on the synagogue journal.

Please do talk to her.

My mother already does volunteer work, and I would think she'd love to do more. My mother is amazing for a lady of her age. Please send me the information. Also, she'd love to have more to work on.

Elder Crafstmen

Looks like The Elder Craftsmen have a website. I don't know about your Mom, but mine has no Internet knowledge whatsoever, so perhaps you'll have to get the ball rolling for her.

Talking of getting the ball rolling, I fear that I've put my foot in my mouth re sen_ichi_rei. I hope she contacts you.