Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Ten signs you're reading a Mamafic

Everyone else is doing it.

10. Tight third, past tense. I love my tight third, although occasionally I will do a first person. Mostly though, tight third.
9. Single pov. You never see from another character's eyes.
8. No speech attributions. Nothing is said, asked, replied, or shouted, moaned or sighed.
7. People shrug and look and grin and so on *a lot*. They also fidget. This is a direct result of #8.
6. Adjectives and adverbs are *evil*.
5. There's way too much dialogue despite #8.
4. It has the major OTP (or one of the major OTPs) of the fandom, unless it's written for someone's birthday
3. It's written for someone else's birthday. On the birthday.
2. It's angsty, and possibly someone dies.
1. It's slash.

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