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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

In other news:

Yesterday, I left for shul a bit late. As I crossed the street in front, I could see Saul, a friend of ours, running, his tallit gadol streaming behind him. Very superhero like. All I could think was "Super-Saul!" Which of course, makes me think of Super Sol, a major kosher supermarket chain.

And then I got to shul, and there were worried people flagging down police cars, and it turned out a lady had collapsed. There was a circle around the lady, but she was well-taken care of. We number among our congregation a medical doctor, a nurse and, most importantly, an EMS lieutenant who, of course, had his radio with him. Howie took charge, made sure she was comfortable and summoned ambulances. The lady, who was conscious, did not want to go to the hospital but the EMS workers patiently explained why it was necessary. We, of course, let them do their work, grateful that Howie and the others were there.

And I went to my first Pakua improvement class since last MAY.

I was very nervous coming in, especially with my ankle and all, but it went very well. I have 8 more of these plus a seminar and then I will be a red belt.


Heh. That reminds me of the year that my MIL fainted on Yom Kippur right before the Neilah part. She was immediately seen to by an EMT, a cardiologist, four nurses, and a podiatrist.

Sounds like my nephew's high school graduation. Both Doug (nephew) and his father/my brother Chuck are EMTs here. Got started doing that when Doug was in Scouts and liked it. So they still do it. Well, Chuck does. Doug now lives too far away to be part of Stafford's squad anymore. He might be a part of his local squad, thou'.

Anyway, there we were, waiting for the ceremony to start and Chuck notices someone to the right and below us (him, our mom & step-dad and me) having some sort of difficulty. He gets up, gets the attention of the squad member on duty (who he knew of course) and went off to handle it. It was a woman who had diabetes who was having some problem. Took care of it and was back in a few minutes.