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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

This is my day for losing things. First I lost one of my gloves (it should turn up. I had both when I came home last night) and then my debit card. This has been cancelled, of course and I'll get a temporary tomorrow.

But because I couldn't find my glove, I wore the mittens I just knitted.

Arrgh. I think I need to use smaller needles - the wrists were too big, and I don't have small wrists, and I could feel the wind whistling through the hands of the mittens. They were better than going gloveless, but only just.

I guess I just knit larger than gauge and will have to compensate for that.

Well, I found the other glove. Yay!


Mittens and gloves really need to be knitted at a tighter gauge than the ball band gives, in my experience. Or with a techinque -- slip stitch, fair isle, tvaandsstickning, or shagging -- leaves extra yarn stranded on the inside for extra thickness.

Yay for found glove! Also, I *adore* your baby dragon icon.

Well, at least you didn't lose your mind. Mine seems to be off wandering somewhere......

Leather gloves will always stop the wind better than any yarn product. But they won't necessarily be warmer.