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Today was mostly good. I got to work on time, and while I had a full inbox, it was all stuff I could do quickly. My boss had a project she wanted me to do, but given that I kept getting more and more stuff in my inbox, I barely started. Fortunately, she thinks that my daily work - writing up listings, entering them in the computer, distributing them and filing them in the appropriate binders - is more important, and since I was doing that nonstop today, and she could see that, that's fine. So, when I left at just after five, I had both an empty inbox and an empty outbox. I left nothing for the Thursday/Friday person to do in that regard. I'll probably find a bunch to do on Monday, though.

Except the office is closed for Rosh HaShanah.

I did find out I had a synagogue board meeting this evening. Thrills. I'd forgotten. Jonathan couldn't be there. He spent the afternoon at a rheumatologist, and needed to make up the time at work. He went because he's had this pain in his elbow for months, since before Passover. Believing it was gout, we embarked on a low purine diet that has had little or no effect on the gout. This means that I've cooked *one* meat meal a week, where he ate a chicken thigh. The rest of the time, we ate eggs and cheese and fish, and not trout or salmon, but flounder and sole. We also forswore mushrooms and asparagus. I could eat out. He grew rather frustrated.

The doctor doesn't think it is gout. To test it, he ate a hamburger tonight. We will see. She thinks it's bursitis.

Meanwhile, it was 5PM. The meeting was at 7:30, and there was little point in me going home. So, I did a little shopping. I just got my new clothes for the fall, including a two piece skirt/jacket outfit. Jacket is clearly meant to be worn by itself, but it closes too far down for me. So, I bought a package of white crew neck t-shirts, and I'm going to cut off the sleeves and a lot of the lower part, and wear it like a dickey. I think that will look good. I also got socks and a steamer.

And I stopped by the other comic book store. The one I don't go to much, because it's out of the way. The guys there, whom I suspect of being a gay couple, remembered me when I used to come by every Tuesday night, after I had a session with a friend a block or so away. But she went away for the summer, so I haven't been coming by. Good thing, too, because I never go the conclusion to the Bruce Wayne: Murderer series, and I got it there. Lovely issue.

The meeting itself? Complete waste of time. I should resign. I mean, I don't even go to that shul anymore. Shrug.

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