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I hope, anyway.

A couple of years ago, jonbaker did the journal for the synagogue dinner. He did a wonderful job (no shock there) and was asked to do it again last year. He did so, making some major changes - he raised the prices of ads and added categories up to $1000 - the idea being to shoot the moon. He didn't think it would be likely anyone would want to pay that much, but if someone did, they could (and someone did, too.) He also changed the format of the journal - it went from a zine - 8 1/2" by 11" spiral bound pages - to a staple-bound digest with real covers and looking far more professional.

This year he was asked to chair the dinner itself. Which means someone else had to do the journal.

That someone being me. I think he thought he'd still do it, but this way his name wouldn't be on the program twice. Except. No. If my name is on it, then I'm going to do it. Or at least most of it, since I built it on last year's model, and he would have to do the ads with Hebrew in them. And then, when I started actually doing things, he assumed I'd format the ads 100% his way.

Again, no. He has a strong aesthetic vision,and so do I. They do coincide on most points, and I went along with his desire to have all the names of the donators of the full page ads all on a line at the bottom, but I have different preferences, and we got into some. Discussion. About this. The differences aren't huge, but they do exist. I prefer to use bold to highlight names, and he likes using a larger font size for them. He has nothing against bold, though, and I really dislike multiple font sizes, so we went with bold. And I like lots and lots of white space, but I also like balance.

And as of last night, we have all the ads in, in both languages. We have all the bios and pictures in place (and with four main honorees and the couple making aliyah, plus the Rabbi's and President's messages, we have many) and it's been proof read by someone OCD enough to do a thorough job, and we're done. Along the way, I learned how to use Pagemaker, too. It's been turned into a pdf and emailed to the printer, where it will be perfect bound because there are too many pages to staple. We have line art for blank spaces, and a quote from Aishet Chayil - all the honorees are women - on the inside backcover. I've seen preliminary mockups, and it will be beautiful. I hope.

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