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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

In eight weeks, give or take conventions and unforeseen occurences, I'll be finished with the blue belt improvement classes. That's half the requirements. The other half is a six (or so) hour seminar. This is the difference between blue and grey - to advance from grey, it was *either* the 16 improvement classes *or* the seminar.

I just spoke to Master Ilona about the red belt seminar - I want to get it done before Purim.

I'm nervous. There are still things I just can't do, or do poorly, and I'm still making up for those months I did nothing.

On the other hand, I can feel my muscles coming back. My abdomen is firmer under the padding, and there are getting to be ropes of muscles in my thighs, even when my legs are relaxed. I could feel all of that going away when I stopped. I'm not looking to be thin, just to have that sixpack under the fat. And I'm splitting on my heels again, even if my ankle aches slightly afterwards.

One rather amusing point during my class on Sunday - the other student is a seventeen year old boy, Instructor Daniel. We were doing free one-step fighting (attacker signals, "victim" responds, attacker steps forward with a punch, victim responds however he pleases on his level or the level of the lower belt.) And Daniel was connecting, which he shouldn't have done, and doing so with reasonable but not extensive force. Master Eli stopped him and told him to treat me with respect because I'm "twice his age" and bruise easily and don't heal as fast. Basically, to pull his punches. Later, he showed Daniel how to do that with precision. Daniel, btw, did very well at that.

As I said, I was amused. First, yes, I do bruise easily, but it's because I have nearly transparent skin. I not only bruise easily, I bruise spectacularly. And I usually don't even notice I've done something until I bruise. But these heal at a reasonable rate and this hasn't changed.

Second - I'm actually about 2.5 times Daniel's age. So I was also flattered.

Now I need to get more control in my own techniques.


I just started doing Shen Chu'an again (very similar to aikido) for the first time since I tore a ligament in my knee last April. That first lesson back was so hard - I had to stop after 40 minutes (following the physical therapist's advice of how far I could go). I had explained the situation to the teacher and he totally understood - but you know, I never realized what good shape I was in before(despite my weight). I could fall down and get up all day long, literally. It'll take a while before I'm like that again!

It's really encouraging me to read what you've written here. Please keep it up!

It's hard enough coming back after a minor injury - I'm so glad you're trying, though.

We were doing rolls and falls on Monday. I'm still aching from that. But then again, they are wonderful for the abs.