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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Let's say that someone (okay, me) started a community for the posting of links to completed fanfic novels - any fandom, any pairing, any rating. The authors would provide links to the complete novel on one page, or a table of contents for the individual chapters, or at least a link to a series of linked chapters, either on the community itself or their own journal, or even on other communities, or on outside homepages or websites. One would hope they'd also get the novel betaed for continuity, but, well.

The community mods would make sure that it is easy to get to the completed novel, and would place the posts in memory, sorted by fandom and gen/slash/het, as identified by the writer.

Would there be interest in such a community?

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Novel: single story over 200Kb or 40K words. It can be all one thing (ex: Terry Pratchett's Discworld books are largely unchaptered), a series chapters like traditional novels *or* a series of related short stories that tell a complete story, with or without material in between to bind them all together. The author would determine this.

Finished: the writer has deemed that the plot has been resolved. If there is more, they will begin another novel.

Hmm. A community like that could be a really good resource, but honestly? I know I wouldn't join because if it was thriving - i.e., a busy community - there'd be way too many posts about fandoms I have no interest in (and for people who are monofans, this would be even more true).

Yeah, I was thinking about that.

Which is why posts would have to be archived in memory on a regular basis.

I would actually expect people to join, post their novel and then unjoin, and use the memory for a resource. And tags would also be a useful thing.

I know I'd give it it's own personal filter. :)

We'd probably eventually get such communities for single fandoms - or maybe it should start that way - for example, an SGA completed novel fandom, or an HP one.

I don't know about all fandoms, but HP already has a 10,000+ word story community here. It gets some action.

I was hoping i'd get pointers like that. :)

Okay, that's still encouraging the evil of posting WsIP chapter by chapter. :)

Heh. That must be why I took it off my default view. :)

I think I'm kind of with bethbethbeth on this. I know I'd take advantage of the memories page, but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to join the community itself.

maybe there's a way of doing the database without the community? I'd be happy to assist with something like that.

That's the thing. With a community, the authors themselves do the legwork. All the mods would have to do is compile a really extensive memory. :)

As a reader I'd like it. Back in XF I thought the novel archive was one of the more useful speciality archives.

what about posting links to other people's novel-length fic?

Hells yes!

I'm in. I heart long fic.


Seriously? The shameless sizist in me is ready to pounce you and hug you breathless for thinking of this. :)

Oops, didn't realize I wasn't logged in. That was me. :)

As someone who dips into fanfic occasionally, I would adore the people who came up with such a community.