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Another mixed bag

Synagogue Dinner

We held our shul's annual fund-raising dinner last night, honoring four of the outstanding women in our community - one of the strengths of our synagogue is that women can and do fill leadership positions. It really was to honor one woman in particular (although all four deserved it.) But she's very modest and didn't want to be honored alone.

Because we had four honorees, and because they understood their job, we not only had a good turnout but a rather full ad journal. Which came out really nice. I mean, I kept finding things I should have adjusted, but it looked good - gray linen paper, perfect bound, and nicely aligned. Everyone had a good time, Jonathan, Miriam and I were thanked, and we lucked out on a couple of things. The catering all (which is actually a yeshiva, but that's how they earn extra money) has two banquet halls - a very nice downstairs space and a really lovely ground floor space. We paid for the less expensive downstairs, but they said that if no one was using the upstairs area, we could have it for no more money.

We got it.

Then, there had been some affair yesterday afternoon in that same space. Since it was Shabbat, they couldn't take the flower arrangements with them. We got to use them, too. (Otherwise, they'd just be tossed out.) And they were gorgeous - roses in lovely, rich colors in artistic arrangements on all the tables.

No one would have noticed if we hadn't had them, but having them was just nice.

Another nice bit was that the honorees themselves got together to present Miriam, who did a lot of the work, with a surprise. And she was truly surprised and amazed we'd all kept it from her, so that was a success. :)

A Million Pieces

I finished it. And I don't know what to say. As a Novel, it was fairly powerful and well-written. If it had been an actual Memoir, it would have been far more powerful, and I can see why Oprah recommended it. As it is, I don't which parts are Fact and which are Fiction, and which are Embellishments.
However, the formating was a major Problem. Not only were the paragraphs formatted oddly, but he has this Habit of capitalizing certain nouns. Not all the nouns, and he was consistent - once capitalized, always capitalized.

Here's the thing - in science fiction and fantasy, capitalizing words often conveys meaning. One example is something that is and yet isn't the same as the uncapitalized word. Larry Nivens's immortal Boys and Girls, locked forever in prepuberty, for example. Or to differentiate Talking Animals from their non-sentient cousins.

Another would be something unique - the Lamppost in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Or perhaps it's something made up by the author - JK Rowlings does lots of this, at least in the British editions. It's also something you see in British kidlit in general - the Pooh and Mary Poppins books use this technique.

Seeing the random capitalizations in a mainstream adult novel/memoir is distracting - and unlike the paragraph formatting and the lack of quotation marks, it never ceased being distracting.

Still, it's a decent enough read. I'm glad I didn't have to pay for it, though.

PDA Woes
It took me all morning to Hotsync my PDA, and I had stories (specifically rageprufrock's Valentine Day stories) to upload. It just wouldn't connect. I repaired and modified and un and reinstalled the desktop, and rebooted both machines twice. Finally, though, I managed. It took modifying and then repairing the installed desktop. But I managed. Victory.

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