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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Fox polls and randomness

Why, yes, I am bored.

Bored enough to go to the FOX website to see if and when House is on tonight. (9PM EST, btw.)

And there was a poll. And the poll asked if we wanted House to get together with Stacy. "Yes, I would love it." "Blech, no, never!" I, of course, voted for the latter, but 80% of huge number of people disagreed.

And then, because I'm bored, I went to the American Idol page. There was a poll there.

What's the biggest mistake the auditioners make? Answer: Thinking they can sing. Except that wasn't one of the choices. And, you know. Maybe more can and we don't see them. *shrug*.

Meawhile, in an office where we can't count on people to return keys, someone wants to have a coffeemaker. Even though we also don't agree on the strength of the coffee and NO ONE would clean it. Bad idea.

Also. Bored. Anyone want a rant? I'm in a ranting mood.

Current Mood: ranting

I was really surprised that so many people voted yes. I definitely voted no. Stacey is my least favorite character on the show. I'd prefer House stay single but if he doesn't there's a huge line of (female and male, in my case) characters I'd rather see him with.

(I don't like extreme character hate, because it's pointless, but something about Stacey just rubs me the wrong way.)

I didn't just vote "no". I voted several times before I realized how dumb that was.

And then there was last night's episode. :)

Ooohhh! A rant?

Here's two that I'd love to see:

Why GWB should be impeached.

Problems with current US health-care practices

I'm staying out of political arguments, mostly because I'm so bad at them. Although I agree with you re #1. That's the constitution and all. I'm also not fond of the idea of a Supreme Court justice who thinks that the presidency is above the law, and I wouldn't care which party either the justice or the president belonged to.

But health care. That's something else again. :)

re the coffeemaker.....

get one that uses those little individual pods, then find out what kind of pod each person likes and order them. Those coffeemakers don't hae to be cleaned the way regular ones are, and eeryone can have their coffee the way they like it. Amex used to have them in all the kitchens and coffee stations on every floor, and they were great.

We're a tiny office - there's rarely more than seven or eight people here at a time and usually there's less. And we're in Park Slope - the Seattle of NYC. There's a coffee house on each corner, plus delis and newstands.

The person who wants it basically wants free coffee, I think.

But then, my broker buys me a cup of coffee every day anyway. :)

I think they should switch - have Stacey be a judge on American Idol and have Simon come be House's love interest. (Can you imagine the snark???)


Oh, my goodness. Now that's a pretty thought. If, you know. I did RPS. Which I don't.