Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


First - Yay! She's GONE! Yay!

That over -

Patient bugged me. This is not a healthy marriage for so many reasons, not least because they never fight - he's pressuring her to have another child even though she doesn't have time or energy to do what all she does (and honestly? Some things can *go*. Doing volunteer work is lovely, but your own health and family come first. No one was making her do that. And perhaps she could cut down on work, too - or he could do more. Either way, maybe she wouldn't have needed the ritalin and maybe could have gotten pregnant.) and she's not telling him it's not a good idea, and that they have the lovely and bright Stella anyway.

Now for the *real* plot - I swear I could hear the collective groan when we saw Stacy in bed with House. Not that it was a surprise in the slightest - as soon as he was in bed naked, I knew.

However - how much does Wilson love House? He charged over to his girlfriend and told her not to hurt him. He protected House! And if they'd kissed in that final scene - I don't think anyone would have been surprised. Except House because House doesn't actually believe anyone loves him.

And he was sweet and avuncular with Cameron. Also, hurray for continuity while closing down that plot. Well done. Also closing down the Foreman as boss plot was done well.

And, I repeat. Stacy's gone and Wilson loves House.
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