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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
SGA questions

I haven't seen all of the series. This is clearly the fault of the people who schedule it for Friday nights, so I have to tape it and *then* I have to find time to watch that which I have taped, and since my husband is also a fan of the series, it's not just time for *me* but it's time for *us*, and that's just not possible. So you know that episode where they all came back from the thing with Ford and the Wraith juice and so on?

Last ep I've seen.

Because then there was Shabbaton and then there was Arisia, and then there was run-up to Dinner and then there was Dinner. And as the backlog gets bigger, we have less time to catch up. And we still haven't caught up on Firefly even though we own the whole series AND have seen the movie.

So, you know? Spoilers really don't bother me. Just saying. But they may bother other people, so the answers to my questions may involve spoilers and if you don't want to know, don't go there.

And why does Skiffy have to show all the good shows on Friday night? I'm just, you know. Asking. Because I know the answer, and I get it. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Okay. Rant over.

I've been reading a lot of stories and I need to separate fanon from canon. Because I spent a lot of time in the TS universe, and there's more fanon there than anywhere, and I need to know what's canon, what's canon-but-exaggerated and what's pure fanon.

1. How much does Rodney love coffee? Really?
2. How much is Rodney's much used citrus allergy real, and how much can be hypochondria? How often has it been mentioned? Bee thing, too? And is the hypoglycemia real?
3. Ferris wheels? Really?
4. Caltech for John? I've seen it a couple of times, from different authors, so I'm sort of confused because I thought, you know. Colorado Springs.

and just for fun, what are the chances that John Sheppard has a really hot older brother or first cousin who's a neurosurgeon in Seattle?


1. He looked like a kicked puppy when he ran out? Lots, but mostly gleaned from canon evidence, he hasn't acctually... composed a love song or an ode to coffee. Though I wouldn't be surprised if he did.

2. Citrus? Hasn't been mentioned all that much, though there isn't a lot of evidence either way about the veracity of the claim. It could really be something that's close to major and he's making a deal of it. He has proffessed to hypocrondria. The bee thing? Once maybe. Hypoglycemia? it's petered off, think the way Daniel's allergies faded to the background until they needed them. All of it? Could really be Rodney having minor issues in the areas and being paranoid about them. (though personally, being in a new galaxy would make me HYPER aware of potential allergies, like from an expidition POV)

3. Yes really. Apparently the man has a thing for 'em.

4. No confirmations on ANY past places for John other than Afganistan, Antarctica and the occasional repeated reference to surfing. Caltech is probably brought up on account of the surfing and the canon thing he's got with numbers and MENSA.

and fun: OMG STOP MENTIONING THAT. I had that thought a while back and I refuse to let my brain write it. *REFUSE*.

That about cover it?

Pretty much.

Huh. YOu'd think he'd be more into roller coasters because ferris wheels are kinda tame.

When did we find out about Afganistan? The pilot, which I did see but only once?

Yeah, I know. I attribute the ferris wheel thing to a kink of his math brain. And possibly where he got his first handjob. *koff*

Okay, I'd have to rewatch it to be sure, but the pilot is where they mention the black mark, but "Home" is where we meet his dead buddies. And I'm SURE where they died was mentioned in context. I just can't remember if the two were linked. i.e. if in the pilot the *same* place was mentioned or if it's contextual extrapolation.

Probably didn't see Home. I'd get the DVDs except that whole time thing comes in again.

I like your ferris wheel idea.

I'm pretty sure it's in the first half of season one and yes, that ferris wheel is really starting to appeal to me. *ponders*

Please what?

Write it?

Oh god no. Someone who's a much better smutpuppy than me should do that.


Someone will.

I'm picturing John and the captain of the football team.

In my head it'd be someone less jocklike... possibly someone from the AP English class he doesn't like to admit to taking. Maybe they did a project together and got along pretty well, maybe really well, but you know what school is like, especially for a Junior and they just got swept away in the tide of work and applications etc. And then it's summer and John's not used to being in one place all the time, but his dad is making an effort to give him something steady through the last years of high school. So he's at this summer fair, because it's a nice Saturday evening and he's bored and there's *nothing* on TV. But he doesn't think to ask anyone to go with him becuase school's out and usually he's moved already and has to make do on his own anyway.

And then there's the kid, who he got along with really well and understood his strange appreciation for large epics that talk in sweeping notions and grand schemes and where every character isn't really an individual. And this kid looks lonely and John is suddenly struck by how much he misses him. Misses the way they just *got* each other.

So he comes up behind him and offers some fries, hot and greasy from the nearby stand but still pretty good. He smiles and they laugh and they talk and catch up and it's really, really great. John feels his heart racing and the wind in the air is exhilirating. They cruise the games, throwing tennis balls and darts and shooting water guns to fill up balloons. They stop in front of the shooting range and John watches him get totally lost. So he helps, his dad after all taught him how to shoot a long time ago. Moves his arms and shoulders and hips and feet. And maybe his hands linger a little longer than normal, but someone shooting a gun for the first time is always surprised by the kick, even if it is a shit, fake .22.

They hit the rides next, the rickety coaster in the back, the scrambler which turns their seat around so fast John finds himself pressed up against him, his entire side hot and shivery where they touch. His laughter echos in John's ear, warm and vibrant and they smile at each other because they're having fun. A lot of fun.

The ferris wheel is slower than all the rest, it leaves a ringing feeling in his ear and a strange feeling in his stomach, like they suddenly stopped and stepped into freefall.

John's not sure who moved first, but his hand is on John's thigh and John's lips find the sweat crease of skin where neck meats shoulder and they gasp and sing and their chair stops at the top of the arc, swaying gently as John's breath hitches in his throat and a hot hand curls around his aching cock.

Fast, clumsy pulls, far less coordinated than his own efforts are unbeleivably exciting. The wind, the air, the clear, dark sky and the shining lights below make it all better. It's seconds and he's there, *right* there, chest heaving, hips jerking and he comes into a soft wet mouth that's suddenly in *just* the right place.

John is still dazed when the ride ends, his cheeks feel hot and he can't quite wipe the goofy smile off his face. They walk around a bit and John finds himself leading them away from the main crowd, to a dark corner near the back, where the park edges off into the darker set of trees. Kisses, hot and soft and sweet are exchanged and his friend, his really good amazing friend whose hands are just perfect and in all the right spots gasps quietly when John goes to his knees. He's a giver after all and even though he's never done anything like this, though might have thought about it in the darkness at night deep under the covers, it's easy as pie.

John's always liked things that are easy.


Dear god. What sort of spell have you bewitched me with woman?

I am Mama. I have the power.

Also. It's very sweet and you should post it.

He says they wree shot down outside Kabul, yeah.


Okay. Thank you.

The citrus allergy is from SG1, along with his piano background.


Because, you know. Going by the fanfic, you'd think that Rodney had John taste everything for fear that the evil citric acid (which is in EVERYTHING, pretty much, because it's a preservative) might kill him.

What about the bomb from Grade 7? I assume that's canon because I've seen it in a couple of places.


Eh it's a fun canon convention because it's all "OMG John wuvs him!" but possibly workable because John might just do it to SHUT RODNEY UP ABOUT IT. Not that he'd be able to taste all the possible things that could kill him with a real citrus allergy. Someone posted something about a specific acid, making it not all of citrus, but a very specific strand and Rodney being Rodney is just over cautious.

As for the bomb? Yes, in the first episode with the Genii it's mentioned and it was grade six I beleive.

..It randomly logged me out. That was me.

in grade 6, he was visited by the CIA because he built a model of a nuke for science fair. Yes, canon. :D

Though what the CIA was doing in Canada, I have no idea.

Heh, perhaps we are to believe the CIA is just *everywhere* like Big Brother? *g* And that they don't care about legalities or jurisdictions that much anyway, especially not if their allies cooperate? I mean, the last political scandals here all seemed to be about the CIA kidnapping people as "suspected terrorists" to hold and torture them, while European authorities were not properly intervening (not even for their own citizens) or complicit or something like that. Both people with European citizenships and refugees staying in Europe have been kidnapped by the CIA, and they're investigating how complicit the European sides were. Or something like that (I admit I don't even follow this stuff closely anymore, it's just too depressing.)

Though it's hard to see why they would pay attention to Canadian school projects specifically...

Maybe the whole "bomb" thing?

Which is, of course, adorable. Given Rodney and all.

But how would they even notice he did a bomb design? I guess the teacher could have alerted some kind of Canadian security agency, and those notified the CIA or something, but still.

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Okay. Thank you.

Colorado Springs is the Air Force Academy. There's a reasonable case that he went there.

The citrus thing is from the SG-1 episodes though he does mention it in Underground and expresses a concern that there might be lemon in whatever it is he's eating at the end of Rising. It's my theory that he's not allergic to the citric acid (in which case it's virtually impossible that he would've survived into adulthood), but to the oils present in the peel and the pulp. It's the only explanation I have.

My husband is mildly allergic to orange (although, oddly, he's okay with lemon and lime) and it *is* the oils that bother him the most, not the juice (but, of course, it's hard to get orange juice without getting some of the oil in it).