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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Knitting help


I'm making a scarf using circular needles. I got to the second color and then I realized that the first stripe had been miscounted.

I have a counter - a big red clicker type. I still miscounted. I'm also using a marker.

I ripped all the way back and started over. Now I need to know a couple of things about counting rows.

Do we start from the cast-on row? Or the first knit row? And when we change colors and start over again - same thing - do we start then, even though none of the second color shows until we knit the next row? Or do we start counting when the second color starts to show in the knitting?


In my understanding, rows are counted from the first row *knitted*, not the cast-on row.

However, when changing colors, one starts (I think), from the first row knitted in that color.

And yay for continuing Adventures in Knitting! (over my break, I learned to knit a cable. It's way easier than it looks.)

That answers the first question. So I'm doing *that* right.

Also, I think, the second. So as soon as I change the yarn, the counting starts again?

Yes. The logic is that the row you're knitting on (the last row of the first color before you changed), is functioning the same way as the cast-on row did, so you count the first row knitted of the second color as the first row for that section.

Does that make sense?

What she said. *points*

You start from the first row after the cast-on, and you start again when you change the yarn.

I agree with everyone else, just so you have a consensus...lol. You start counting on the first row you actually knit, and you start counting on the first row with the new colour.

I have a row counter and I'm fairly good at clicking it, but someone in the knitting community had a good suggestion. Get some little candies (m&ms, smarties, skittles, etc) and count out how many you need to complete your rows. Each time you knit a row, eat one. When they're all gone...TADA! All done counting and you get yummy treats...hehe.

If you have trouble figuring out where you are, you might want to put locking stitch markers at the beginning of each color block and ever five rounds up.

The locking markers are good, because you can take them out once you're finished with that color block and use them on the next one.