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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
I canna break the laws of physics!

But, apparenty, Real Estate can.

I just got a listing for a triplex apartment with four rooms in a two story building. This works because there is a basement included, but it's still very confusing and I think maybe the agent got things wrong.

And the agent got testy when I started asking her questions. Note - this agent asks very nosy questions about other agents and what they're doing and who phone calls might be from. And it's seriously annoying as well as not being professional.

Ah, well.

In other news, I'm done for paperwork for the day.


Hey, MamaDeb! How'd you fair in the commute today?

For me, just dragging the cart to do the laundry was...interesting.

And I was sending word to an artist I won an ATC from on eBay that I had gotten the card safe and sound. And she asked how I was enjoying the snow and she's in the UK!

I took a car service, and that was a mistake. I would have been less late had I taken a bus.

But the main roads are all clear - I had no problems taking a bus home - well, to Pa-kua and then home.