Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

You'd think there would be a market for high-necked sports bras/tops, wouldn't you?

One of the nice things about being snowed in is that you have a chance to catch up on some of the tv you've been missing (also, to do a *lot* of knitting. I think I did 66 rows on Sunday. Changed colors twice.)

So we've now watched "Grace Under Pressure" and "The Tower".

Less said of "The Tower", the better but spoilers for "Grace Under Pressure."

My theory, and I know others share it, is that John Sheppard is a geek who learned how to pass and likes it that way. And it's not just that he's pretty - Fox Mulder is beautiful, too, and athletic, but he's still a geek and treated as such. He's learned the language of the normal people - the spoken cues and the bodyparl (tm ozarque that say, "I'm a normal, American guy." Somehow, maybe during a summer between schools as his father's assignments changed, he learned how.

So no one knows he has a masters in some form of engineering, or that he could have joined Mensa or how much he loves numbers. He probably plays decent guitar, too, but no one's going to know that, either. He likes being viewed as a slacker who could do so much better if only he'd tried. Among other things, it meant he could fly with little chance he'd have to man a desk.

I've believed all this for a long time.

So. What happens in "Grace"? He outs himself. He doesn't change his hardwon body language, but he starts spouting ideas, and putting Chocolate and Peanut Butter together. And he does it in public. He also figures out what the whale means and isn't he the one who suggests joining the force field? Even if they can't use his incredibly *cool* winch? In a logical universe, no one would see him the same way again.

And why does he do it? Well, he doesn't leave men behind if he can help it, of course. And there is the seriously cool factor of it all. But Rodney's his best friend, and maybe more than that, and he's not going to think twice about it - and that's just lovely.

Tonight, I'm going out for dinner alone and then home to watch tv. It's Tuesday, after all.

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