Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Apparently, I'll never be one of the cool kids. Ah, well.

On to other things.

This morning I was watching Spin City. This was the Michael J. Fox series about NYC City Hall politics. Now, this series is slashy enough, with Carter, the gay character, living with Stuart, the ladies' man, except that Stuart also comes across as just slightly less masculine. Which is a nice touch. And they've even had episodes about jealousy and abandonment when one or the other had a love interest or a new friend or something.

This morning, though, was "An Officier and a Gentleman" - Lou Diamond Philips plays Michael J. Fox's childhood friend, who is currently in the navy and who is, oh yes, gay. And he dates Carter. Most of the episode is Michael J. Fox dealing with finding this out (by seeing him in an almost clinch with Carter), but the final scene is Philips in full white uniform, carrying Carter off to the strains of "Love Lift Us Up." Which is cute.

But that's not what this is about. What it is about was that I started thinking about military men and former military men in the series we all watch. And, like many of us, I spent a lot of time in Sentinel Land, and now I'm dabbling a bit in Stargate Atlantis - not writing because I don't know enough of the series - I've seen less than half of season one, and I've missed a fair bit of season two. But the fanwriting is so strong (and the characters are so strong, and I could write and write about that) that I feel I know it enough to enjoy it. Anyway.

Jim and Blair meet John and Rodney.

Our two military types and our two science types.

Instant hatred.

I mean, can you just see Rodney and Blair? The anthropologist and the astrophysicist? And Jim still acts military, even if he's not there anymore, while John has never acted military ever. Not to mention, John is Mr. ATA gene, and Jim is still in the jungle, and I'll bet that John doesn't smell right, either. Oh, this would be. Interesting.

No, I'm not writing it, because it would need some long plotty plot to make it work, and I'm not even writing birthday fic these days, but it would be. Interesting.

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