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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Big Enormous Grin

I'm at work. jonbaker has the day off.

He just dropped by my office. I introduced him to the agents and the new boss (old boss is on vacation) and we grinned and had highly inappropriate hugging and kissing and he was so cute.

And then he bought me coffee (yeah, I asked him, but still.) and there was more kissing and hugging and he's just so cute.

Then he went off to Boro Park because he didn't buy enough books at the YU Seforim sale Saturday night. He also has a shopping list in his pda, and he'll start the rice for dinner (rice cookers are wonderful things, you know?)

And. Yeah. Is it weird for a honeymoon to last nearly fifteen years?


It's inspiring that you still get such a charge out of hugs and kisses and all the little things you do for one another. May you have 50+ more years of such happiness! It's a good shidduch!

How could I not? He's...well, he's so cute. :)


that might just be the sweetest lj entry I've ever read.

May your joy in each other only increase.


You know we do fight and yell and all of that, right?

It's just that. It doesn't matter.

That's *wonderful*!

Is it weird for a honeymoon to last nearly fifteen years?

Not at all! When my husband and I were on our cruise last month, our waiter asked how long we'd been married. He was surprised when we said 21 years; he thought we were newlyweds!

Oooh, the YU seforim sale!

The new avatar is a pretty good likeness!

I don't know, but I wouldn't get married again unless I was sure I was going to have that kind of relationship.

Naw, 15 isn't too long if you got it right. And your hubby is a cutie, if it's alright for me to say so!

It's rare, but it can happen. I wish I could find something like that.

It's not weird, but it is rare and wonderful. *G*

Is it weird for a honeymoon to last nearly fifteen years?

Not at all. And may you have many times that many years of joy and delight with each other.

I saw your comment below, about how you do disagree and fight, but it doesn't matter, and I kept nodding my head, because that's how Soren and I are, and how I think it's supposed to be. You and Jonathan are blessed, and are blessings to the people who know you, and the world around you.