Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Pa-kua and Clothing

A few things.

I felt old last night. The first part of the class went fine - I ran nearly as much as I walked, I did okay when I punched and kicked - things like that. Things began to go a bit sour when she had us assume push up position and then changed her mind for sit-ups. And when I tried to get up, I got a cramp in my thigh. I've been getting a lot of leg muscle cramps lately.

It faded quickly enough and I got back on my feet and ran and it was fine. But Devorah wanted to do yoga because she was feeling stressed (personally, I find that sparring relieves my stress well - I like endorphins.) Yoga has never held any attraction to me, even in the way they teach it here, which only describes body positions - nothing that implies worship. I have *never* been flexible, not even when I was a little girl, with my hips as the stiffest of the lot.

But here we were, and I managed the position extremely badly twice - it involved bending back and then forward all the way down, and then bringing one leg back and sitting on it and then getting up again, and then doing it again with the opposite leg and on the second time, on the way up, that muscle cramped up again, and I was just sitting on the floor rubbing it. Master Ilona had them do this "simpler" form and came to me and rubbed my leg, and that didn't actually help. And she had me sit on the floor with my legs straight out and do the shadow form movements with just my arms, which included a lot of twisting because there are leg movements attached. So my hips were hurting by the end.

So I was feeling rather old and miserable and out of shape (and I haven't been in as good shape in 20 years) and left out because this is stuff I really don't think I can do. And the ten year old in the class didn't think there was much point in the exercise because *she* wasn't feeling any difficulties. So then they were all doing the harder version (granted the adults were having problems, but they could do an approximation) and I was waving my arms around. Ah, well. Maybe we'll do more fighting techniques tomorrow night.

I've been buying a fair bit of clothing lately, because all of my clothes decided to wear out at the same time. It takes a bit of searching to find tops that have the sleeves and the neckline I want that are also suitable for the office/synagogue. And I can still use more sleeveless t-shirts.

Current purchases - one soft green cableknit pullover, one white ribbed pullover, a print challis skirt, a khaki button-front skirt (that needs to be sewn closed because I will *never* unbutton it), three long-sleeved stretch blouses - soft blue, white and coral and two bras. I just lost a twinset. I'd like a denim skirt (full, at least 33 inches from the waist, no slits and preferably with pockets) and maybe a black blouse or something.

Meanwhile, I have the green sweater from LL Bean and the print skirt from Just My Size on today and they go together as if they were meant to do so, so that's very cool. Especially since I did not plan it that way.
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