Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

I was watching American Idol tonight.

No real thoughts on good or bad, except that Ace is just too pretty, and Taylor's voice is amazing.

What it shows for me is the value of toughness. Paula praises everyone extravagantly. Her praise is meaningless. It might feel good, but it's meaningless. Randy praises most people, but he gives a few some gentle criticism, and I'm sure that means more. Simon praises almost no one. He's mean and sarcastic and sometimes just nasty for nasty's sake. And people have learned to discount it.

But when he does praise someone, their eyes light up. They glow. They're amazed. Praise from him is worth more than anything else - and I'm also sure it affects the voting.

And, very often, he's right.

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