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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Not going to Escapade. Maybe another year.

Not going to the NY Comic Con. Doesn't seem like much of a point to go for part of one day anyway.

But. I do have a friend coming to spend Shabbat with us, and Sunday night we are celebrating my mother-in-law's 70th birthday (b"ah). It's probably also going to be a celebration of sorts of my brother-in-law's engagement. We're going to Abigael's, which seems to be our restaurant for family celebrations.

Still considering Lunacon. If we go, we'll have our own anniversary party there.


Well, if you want to Comic-con, you wouldn't have gotten in. The fire marshal showed up and shut them down. Only people who got tickets on line or from comic shops could get in. They could not sell tickets for today or Sunday.

I got in (bought a ticket in Novemeber for all weekend) and it was alright. Ton of people. Only a few costumes. All I did was wander around the dealer's room, didn't get to any of the talks or signings. I actually didn't spend a dime at the show. But I came back with a few magazines and a box set anime DVD- Rumiko Takahashi's Maison Ikkoku from Viz Media. See, they were giving out Mardi Gras beads at their booth. If a Viz person spotted you wandering around wearing the beads, you got win a prize.

Don't think I'll go back tomorrow unless it's early. But I am going to Lunacon.