Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

3 score and ten

We celebrated my mother-in-law's 70th birthday last night. Her birthday was actually last Thursday, but my brother-in-law, M, was in Israel and wouldn't get back until Friday afternoon.

We went to Abigael's, a kosher steakhouse with a celebrity executive chef - Jeffery Nathan. We've been there a few times before. The food is NYC costly, but it's presented beautifully and it's really good. Too bad he'll never compete in Kitchen Stadium, you know? Too many Battle Treifs.

There were twelve of us, sitting around the same table as we did several years ago, for zsero's birthday party. The company was good, the food was delicious, and we managed to avoid any discussion of the wedding while M and J were there. This is good because we've already spent several hours discussing it, and it seems M wants the wedding in the least accessible place possible.

I had something called Brazilian Chicken - pan-cooked chicken breast (with the first wing joint) served over a black bean and chorizo sauce, topped with fresh onions and oranges and cilantro, and slices of fried plantain. Actually, I think only three people actually got steak. And we decided to share dessert - a "trilogy" - a small slice of praline pie, a small apple cobbler, and a "Chocolate Flowerpot" - a small ceramic flowerpot filled with chocolate mousse, covered with chocolate cake crumbs to resemble dirt, with a sprig of mint "planted" on top. We had a bite or two of most of it, although we finished the cobbler. Then we passed it around the table. I think every dessert and every appetizer was shared by at least two people. We also had a couple of bottles of 2004 Teal Lake Shiraz, which I thought was a bit tannic and would have done better to rest another year or so, but it went well with the big flavors of the meals.

The couple from Drisha live close to us and drove in, so they gave us a ride back, which saved us a cab ride. We didn't want to take the subway again - the walk was freezing and the subway car was barely heated.

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